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A horrific story finally on the move

Skrivandet/the authorPosted by Info 31 Jan, 2011 21:22
Yes. It has begun. I'm on the road to truly building my new INTENSE thriller with all its scary details. Because this story is not intense like Shadowplay where action is never far away. Instead it is has a psychological build. Spirits, murders and murky waters. Add thereto this odd guy with his camera and one awful secret. It weighs him down like a load of bricks, probably equivalent to the high chimney that haunts his dreams.

The Christmas holidays had much to offer. The great company of friends (including Mr Webmaster who wondered when this blog died, a mistake easy to make after my sporadic performances of late), some relaxing days at Ngong House and even more relaxing days on Lamu. All those days had in common that I went to bed early an almost always awoke at the middle of the night with my head spinning of new crazy ideas on how to change the novel in progress.

So progress is what I'm after and now I will go for it.

What else? Newton Compton buys Shadowplay (Skuggans spel) for Italy, the Swedish paperback is due in July and the adventure begins in the Netherlands in October when de Fontein releases Spåren på bryggan/Pier's End.

So many things to be happy about in 2011 and I haven't even told you the very best...

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